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Vacancy for Registrants’ Representative

Pursuant to the constitution there is a vacancy for one Registrant's Representative to become a Trustee of the New Zealand Ballroom Dance Council. The term of office is for 3 years commencing upon confirmation at the Annual General Meeting due to be held in February 2024.

In May 2023, Jonny Williams formally resigned as Trustee. This created a casual vacancy which was filled by Rosemary S Chung. This position under the Constitution is to hold office until the retirement date of the vacated Trustee. The vacated Trustee’s position is due to retire by rotation at the next Annual General Meeting in February 2024.

Any current registrant over the age of 16 may seek nomination to fill this vacancy (self-nomination is allowed provided a seconder supports it).

To be nominated, the registrant should complete the NZBDC Trustee nomination form in the attached pdf below, sign it as accepting nomination, have it seconded by another registrant over the age of 16 and forward it together with a brief resume to the General Secretary, New Zealand Ballroom Dance Council, by emai

l to no later than: 5pm Tuesday 31

October 2023 (the closing date for nominations).

In the event of more than one nom

ination being received a ballot shall be conducted by email following the closing date for nominations.

Kind regards,

Rosemary S. Chung

General Secretary

New Zealand Ballroom Dance Council

Trustee Elections 2023
Download PDF • 119KB

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