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All About Your Council

Your Council is made up of Constituent Members and has successfully governed Ballroom, Latin American, New Vogue & Classical Sequence Dancing in New Zealand since 1965

The Constituent Members of Council are:

  • Australasian Dance Teachers - ADT - Society of Australasian Teachers of Dancing (NZ) Incorporated - SATD (NZ) Inc.

  • The New Zealand Federation of Dance Teachers Incorporated - NZFDT Inc.

Each Association nominates 2 Trustees:

  • ADT - Peter van der Veek & Kingsley Gainsford

  • NZFDT Inc. - Murray Bootten & d'Artagnan Kennedy

In addition, there are 3 Open Trustees nominated and elected by the Registrants of Council.

The 3 Open Trustees are:

  • Megan Booker

  • Fleur Elizabeth Grant

  • Nerida Cortese 

Chairperson and President - Peter van der Veek 

Secretary - Rosemary Chung
PO BOX 100085 North Shore, Auckland 0745.

The Registrar - Hossein Jahedi

PO BOX 100085 North Shore, Auckland 0745.


Council fully endorses the work of the World Dance Council, WDC and the Amateur League WDC-AL

Council fully endorses the work of the World Dance Organisation

Communication and Information:
Amateurs and Professionals are free to ask any question regarding Council operations. Either through this website or directly to any of the current Trustees.

Upgrades at Australian Championships
If couples win at any event in Australia they have the option to elevate to the next highest grade in NZ by writing to the Registrar and requesting an upgrade. Should the couple choose to remain at their current NZ grade they need do nothing.
This brings them into line with Dancesport Australia whereby Australian couples winning in New Zealand are not upgraded back in Australia.

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