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Supporting our Dance Competitions - By Peter van der Veek (March 2024)

We sure have had a great summer! My sister and brother-in-law, from the Netherlands, have experienced the most brilliant 3 months here in Aotearoa, returning to Europe with fabulous memories of what New Zealand has to offer. We are very fortunate to have this every day and as the days get shorter again dancers are preparing for the dance year ahead of us. 


As NZBDC Chairman I would like to bring to your attention the great lengths organisers of our dance competitions go to making sure our sport/art form have enough moments in the year that competitors can dance against one another.  Due to the large distances within Aotearoa, it is not always possible for dancers to attend all events, therefore there are numerous local competitions being superbly organised.


The organisers of these competitions put in an enormous amount of time and money to make this happen:

1. A hall must be hired.

2. A dancefloor, if not present, needs to be laid

3. Judges need to be invited, scrutineering and marshalling needs to be organised.

4. Catering for all the above people.

5. Oh, and let’s not forget music and a sound system.


There is no doubt more we could add to this list, with a greater financial risk to the organisers, so you will understand that they are concerned when the entries for their competitions are not enough to cover the cost.  Why would you take that financial risk and put in all that time and effort?  Because of the love for dance!  And for you- the dancers.


To all competitors, please do not wait until the last moment to enter a competition.  It may result in it being cancelled, as we have seen on some occasions last year and at the start of this dancing year.


Without competitors there is no competition day but without those brave enough to run these competitions (our organisers) there will be no competitions for the dancers to attend.  Let us support one another … and …In a timely fashion!

The KIWI CLASSIC in Auckland, run under the NZBDC, is one of the first competitions that will start off the dance season this year. There will be a great number of participants across all grades and styles in the beautiful ballroom of the Grand Millennium hotel in Auckland city.  Therefore is also a great number of international Adjudicators.

Breaking News

For those attending the Outside Change and Freedom to Dance Ball in Melbourne in June, NZBDC is pleased to announce that the Organisers are offering to NZBDC Registered members, Half price entry to the workshops / master classes to be held on 9 June.  This is a great opportunity for you to learn from International Superstars.  Make sure you book your attendance by email to   



Wishing you a brilliant dance season ahead.


Peter van der Veek



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