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NZBDC Newsletter - August 2023

“Step by step we are starting to understand each other”

Dancers involved in our business understand that having a healthy dance community means we must work together. For whatever reason this process has faltered in the past, however I am happy to tell everybody that talks are underway between the different organisations to work together again. The first meeting I had with the NZFATD and the NZFTD was held on 23rd June and we will talk to each other again very soon. Our goal, and first step, is to create a middle ground so that we can serve you, our customers.

I have also started talks with amateur dancers. The first one was on 2nd July and there will be another one planned for Tuesday 5 September at 7.30 pm. In these meetings I endeavour to listen to the wishes the amateur dancers have for NZ dancing. I will try to answer any questions, this could be on any subject and when I don’t have the answer straight away, I will find out and come back to you. The first meeting was a great platform for the dancers to speak their mind but left me with a feeling that we still have a long way to go. The meeting is only for amateurs with myself, if any amateur wants a link to the next meeting, please send me an email:

It is only four months at best before this dancing year comes to an end. There are signs that we are picking up numbers in our competitions and the dance studios are seeing an increase in students- this is good news. I am of the understanding that if my rival is successful, I will benefit also and therefore finding a way to see other dancers and teachers as an ally rather than a competitor will make our dance industry stronger.

The vision from our independent governing organisation the NZBDC is clear, understandable and workable; Amateur and Professional organisations unite. We are currently working on the next steps to proceed further in the coming months and years- neither new or revolutionary but just common sense.

We received questions regarding the Aotearoa championships. At the moment there is a good chance that there will be a competition held in Auckland organized by the SATD. At present they are working at realizing a special competition for the Pro-am division, solo’s, Duo, Formation etc., and possibly Open Dancesport for the weekend of 18 November 2023. We will keep you posted.

There will be two “open to all” training sessions in the week before the National Championships. One will be held on Friday 13 October at the Ucan2 dance studio and the other on Wednesday 18 October at Just dance NZ dance studio. It will be beneficial for all dancers but especially for those attending the championships the following weekend and everyone is welcome to join.

The NZBDC would like to thank both studios for their cooperation in making this possible for our dancers.

Just for fun: For the older dancers who have known the NZ dance icon Jimmy James and his love for dance I would jokingly say that Jimmy has sent us a message in a song. The singer bears the same name as our well-known dancer from Wellington. Please listen to the lyrics:

For the younger dancers who have no idea who the New Zealand Jimmy James is, I have enclosed a biography of this great man.

Happy dancing everybody,

Peter van der Veek

Chairman NZBDC

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