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From the Chairman: NZBDC newsletter for amateurs and professionals - June 2023

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

The dancing world in full swing.

June is always a busy month in the northern hemisphere. National Championships are being held, social studios are having their medal tests and there are theatre shows produced by dance studio’s. There is, of course, the open to the world Blackpool championships in May and many more great dancing events.

In NZ I have visited some competitions to get my bearings. The one in Hamilton organized by Marcus Ashwell was a fun competition. Done and dusted in 5 hours which is brilliant for people that aspire in entering a dance competition and have fun at the same time. The next interstudio dance competition will be held again in Hamilton on the 29 of July. The One Dance championship in Wellington was new to me. Fantastically organized by Keri Porter. She and her team did a brilliant job for the everybody involved, it ran like clockwork. Definitely one for your dance diary. Another competition that needs your attention is the Canterbury Championships Saturday 15 July.

Focusing on the road ahead.

As a competitor I was good at knowing what was expected of me and trained accordingly.

As a demonstrator I knew what my audience wanted and more importantly I knew what the people hiring us could afford and still make a profit whilst paying us.

As a businessman running a dance studio with Rachell I scanned the market and adjusted my product by not putting all my eggs in one basket.

These are subjects I would definitely want to talk about with the studio owners in Aotearoa New Zealand. Let’s get together to debate the possibilities to create revenue for you all.

Our dance sport amateurs are important!

I would like to have a talk to the amateur dancers to hear what their vision is as to where NZ dancing is going in the near future and any thoughts they may have. The date I have in mind is Sunday 2 July at 10 am. If you are interested send me an email and I will send the link to attend the meeting.

What do we think of the restricted syllabus?

At present there are restrictions in place in what you are allowed to dance in certain grades. Whenever there are restrictions, I ask myself: Who are these restrictions for and what are the benefits of the restrictions? It is a point of discussion that I would be happy to engage in with amateurs and professionals. If you are interested, there is an article in the website that gives some food for thought.

Social dances and competitive training possibilities.

We are putting a dance agenda together on our website so that clients can find where there are social dance evenings, what the costs are, theme etc.

The same the NZBDC will do for competitors. If you run a competitive training session where people can practise their routines and be inspired by other dancers please let us know and we will put that on our website: These training sessions should not include tuition of competitors!

We would like to receive the following information from you,

Social dance events: 1-7-2023 to 31-12-2023.

Where. Organized by. Address Date Time. Theme. Costs Remarks. Website

Competition practice: 1-7-2023 to 31-12-2023.

Where. Organized by. Address Date Time. Theme. Costs Remarks. Website

Dancing will make you happy.

Peter van der Veek - Chairman NZBDC

Tel 021-991579

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